Client Support Coordination

Meet Deanna! She is our Client Support Coordinator, and she is integral to our holistic approach to practicing law. At Resolve Legal Group, it is not just about your legal matter, it is about you. That means we want our clients to feel as comfortable with the legal process and confident in our ability to represent them. The Client Support Coordinator is integral to this, and she has three main roles:
First: Our client support coordinator is here to ensure that our clients experience a sense of support, right from the first phone call through to the conclusion of their file. The Client Support Coordinator is trained to ask relevant and appropriate questions to help determine a client’s specific legal requirements and match them with a member of our Resolve Legal Group team that will best suit their needs.
Second: Throughout your legal matter, the Client Support Coordinator’s role is to remain a constant support and resource on an as needed basis. The Client Support Coordinator provides this support by coordinating community resources to those clients who may require additional social supports throughout their legal process. This coordination of services includes arranging counselling, budgeting assistance, jobs skills straining, education inquiries, arranging parent coordination services, arranging supervision services, and so much more, as the list of services is endless. What ever additional assistance you may require during your time of family transition or legal needs, our Client Support Coordinator will be sure to find and arrange those services for you upon your request. The Client Support Coordinator is also available to address any concerns you may have regarding your account with the firm.
Third: Quality control and client satisfaction are two of our top priorities at Resolve Legal Group. The Client Support Coordinator acts as a type of ombudsman on behalf of our clients. At Resolve Legal Group, we have an internal set of standards that our lawyers and support team are expected to adhere to. Our standards are made transparent to you at the initial consultation, so that you can come to expect nothing less than excellence from our firm. It is the additional role of the Client Support Coordinator to ensure clients are receiving the best possible service with the lawyer the client has been matched to. If you experience any dissatisfaction with any member of our team, our Client Support Coordinator will address any concerns anonymously and, if necessary, transition your matter to another team member. The Client Support Coordinator is also available to review ad discuss any questions or concerns that may arise over any part of your matter to ensure your satisfaction with our firm and our services provided.

Deanna Aquilina

Client Support Coordinator & Community Outreach