Step Forward Program

At Resolve Legal Group, we strive to create programs and services that can benefit, assist and support our clients during life transitions.

We are proud to announce that we have now launched a new program that we call the “Step Forward Program”

We have negotiated exclusive discounts on behalf of our clients on products and services from 80 reputable companies to provide some financial relief during our clients’ legal matters (and our list is growing!). We’d like to thank the participating companies for their support. Click a City below to see a list of the offers these companies are offering in the program.


Participating Partners


Participating Partners


Participating Partners


Participating Partners


Participating Partners

Kids in Mind

Families in high conflict over custody issues struggle to find resolution without the assistance and intervention of professionals. Because the Court cannot address the complexities of high conflict custody matters in morning chambers and due to an already over-burdened Court system, achieving resolution to any custody matter, is usually a slow and expensive process for families.

Families in high conflict, need access to immediate solutions and intervention. “Kids in Mind” was designed to provide immediate mediated or arbitrated outcomes for families through a streamlined, cost effective, interdisciplinary alternative to Court. Kids in Mind achieves this by bridging both legal and therapeutic intervention services to families on an immediate triage basis. The parties, mediator/arbitrator and child specialist (psychologist or social worker) all fully engage in this process to explore multiple solutions and ensure that any recommendations made are sustainable from both the emotional and financial means of the family. Where agreements are not reached, an arbitrated decision is made with the immediate consultation of the child specialist.

The cost of this program is $300.00 per hour inclusive for both an experienced mediator/arbitrator and qualified child specialist consultant (psychologist or social worker). Financial assistance may be available to some clients.

Contact Program director Retired Judge Nancy Flatters at to find out more about how this unique program can bridge necessary services to ensure mediated agreements and/or arbitrated decisions are created with the true best interests of the “Kids in Mind”.

Wills Week

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It happens far too often: A loved one passes away and family members discover the person had no will. During what is already a stressful time, tensions rise as families try to sort out the final wishes of their loved ones.

Creating a will is the last thing on our minds when we are young. We don’t want to think about what will happen to us when we get older —that is years away and life is for living now! Additionally, we don’t want to pay the cost for a lawyer and give up the time it takes to create this important legal document. If we do have a will, it may be out of date or invalid if laws have changed since it was originally created.


The Faculty of Law, in partnership with Resolve Legal Group, is hosting the 2nd annual Wills Weeks, from Nov. 1 to 15, 2018 to bring awareness to the public about the importance of wills, to raise funds for the Calgary Counselling Centre and to aid veterans (with a free will) in southern Alberta.

“Getting a will done can be costly for many people,” says Cyndy Morin, founder of Resolve Legal Group, family law lawyer was 27 whose partner passed away without a will.

Students gain experience; clients get a will

We pride ourselves on the amount of practical experience our students can earn while in law school,” -Ian Holloway, dean of the law school.

Students in the Faculty of Law who participate in Wills Weeks will gain practical experience in drafting wills, file management, client management, and collaboration with a supervising senior counsel. Students will each be assigned a client, and will work closely with a supervising lawyer to work through the process for their clients.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cyndy and the law firm to provide this experiential learning opportunity for our students and to support a great organization in the Calgary Counselling Centre.”

Clients who wish to participate in Wills Weeks donate $300 to the Calgary Counselling Centre. Clients who are veterans will get their wills completed free. Interested Calgarians can register below.

“This event will allow people to get a complete legal will in exchange for an affordable donation, while giving back to the community at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

– Cyndy Morin, Resolve Legal Group.

Law Day

Once a year the Canadian Bar Association puts on a free event to introduce the public to the legal system called “Law Day”. Primarily, the goal of this day is to provide an interactive education about the law and the court process. This event is held at major locations throughout Canada, and in Calgary it is held at the Calgary Court Centre. Lawyers, Judges, Law Enforcement and Court Staff, volunteer their time to put together and participate in this worthwhile event. Entertaining and interactive mock trials are performed throughout the day, there are a variety of booths and exhibits, various other demonstrations and more. There is always something new to see and do for guests of all ages. Both Cyndy and staff have been long term volunteers with Law Day, whether it be chairing the event, writing the scripts for the mock trials, assisting with organising the events or volunteering on the day. Their involvement in Law Day is and has been extremely rewarding to them.