What Clients Say About Us

Joshua Wasylciw:

“I’m very happy with Josh’s work so far. I hired him after firing a different lawyer and he was able to pick up where she left off and do a better, more efficient job. I feel like Josh is working to help me and he truly wants me to win my case. He is not just working for the pay check. I also appreciate that he gets straight to the point when answering the opposing side to not waste time (or my money).”

Quinn Fuglestveit:

“I met with another lawyer from a different firm prior to meeting with Quinn and I felt so belittled and like another number. Quinn is extremely personable and I immediately felt like my case mattered. With his knowledge and attention to detail and overall pride in his work, we were able to reach an amazing settlement in such a short time.”

Cyndy Morin:

“I was in a 10 year custody battle. 3 years self-representing… Then I met Cyndy. Why couldn’t I have found her years earlier! At a time I felt defeated and severely stressed, Cyndy made me feel great again and without her I would never have been as great in the custody trial. As a father it was so refreshing to see a lawyer really look at the case and not gender. I am forever grateful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

“I was impressed with Cyndy the first time we meet. I instantly trusted her and was confident she would help me through one of the hardest times in my life. I always knew she was in my corner fighting for me, not just in her capacity as my lawyer but also as a friend that was truly concerned about my well-being and my two daughters. I would and have recommended Cyndy and her firm to numerous people.”